Basic Concepts of Web Hosts

The one who wants to enter in this web world and desires for a long time survival, then he/she should be familiar with each and every terminology used in this field. If user considers all the important factors before choosing a hosting plan then only he/she will be able to have a successful future in this world .User should not choose any of the plan, rather he/she should opt the best and most suitable one and this can only be made possible by fetching more and more informations and also by studying properly all the requirements. New comers should start from the basics .They should learn the meaning of each and every term used and also in addition those factors that can affect his/her selection.

Web Host

Web host refers to a computer connected to the internet. Web host can also be termed as ‘web server’. The computer that is playing the role of the web server needs to be more powerful than normal PCs and the function of this web server is to serve up websites.
The website content of the user will remain will on this computer, so as the people who are surfing on the internet can get a way to access his/her website.

There can be three main categories in which the web host can be classified based on the economic factor and common features:

1. Free Hosts:

The users who are not professional but are making website only as a hobby then for them free hosting can be a good option. In free hosting space, bandwidth and other features provided are very limited. With free web hosting one can not only make his/her website successful but is also suitable for personal websites or for temporary usage. Generally free hosting enforces pop-up, text or banner ads. Reliability, best performance and customer support lacks in case of free hosting as well. When a user registers for a free host then the word free host gets added with the user’s domain name that gives an adverse effect in the eye of the visitors.

2. Shared Hosts:

The next type of the web hosting to be discussed is shared hosting. This hosting service is used by many of the web sites .This type of hosting service is Suitable for personal, small and medium businesses. This service can be used by paying $1 to $25 per month. The features provided by this service vary from very limited space/bandwidth to semi-dedicated servers. The users host their website by this type of hosting service and it has its own top level domain facility. No doubt that shared web hosting is quite better than free hosting but still it does not provide 100% satisfactory services. In case of shared hosting one server is shared by the number of websites so its performance and availability gets affected. More websites usually means less performance. If less number of websites are hosted by one server then it will be more expensive, but in this case there are more chances of reliability. There are many companies allowing customers to host multiple websites with different domains under a single account.

3. Dedicated Hosts:

The next type of hosting is dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is most reliable hosting. In this type of hosting a full server is dedicated to a single customer. Generally this type of hosting is used by large businesses, professionals and very active websites dealing with thousands of visitors daily. The customers having dedicated hosting can have their total control over the server as well as able to create as many websites as they like. Customers can run their own hosting company on a rented dedicated server. Payment module is mentioned according to specifications and services provided with the server, which varies from $100 up to about $800 dollars per month.

4. Collocated Hosts:

Now the other type of hosting service to be discussed is collocated hosting. This service is very much similar to dedicated hosting. The difference between collocated hosting and dedicated hosting is that in collocated hosting the customer owns the server hardware instead of renting it. In this service the server will be placed in provider’s data centre. This service is more expensive than dedicated hosting.

5. Reseller Hosts:

In reseller hosting the providers offers web server storage to their customers, and resells the web server storage to them. Generally providers offer resellers a discount price.

6. Other Hosts:

Including the above type of hosts there are also many other hosts such as email hosts, media hosts, data hosts, etc but these hosts will not be discussed in this article.

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Host Gator hosting

Host Gator, a leading provider of web hosting since 2002 is a company privately owned, in Houston, Texas. Host Gator has developed from a tiny hosting company which had just three servers to a leading, industry known hosting provider. It has 12,000 and more servers under administration. Host Gator hosts More than five million domains which is approximately 1% of the entire world’s Internet traffic. Host Gator has customers who are individual freelancers, 500 companies in over 200 countries. The company is continuously working to enhance and refine service and tech-support.

Host Gator, having earned a number of awards in the web hosting category has customers who range from personal bloggers to large sized business houses and Host Gator provides support to each one of them with professionalism. If you want a place to grow your website, then Host Gator is the right place.

Cpanel Features

Host, the most sought after C panel web hosting corporation has 5 million hosted domains. Host Gator is popular for its high class C panel web hosting plan. This quality C panel shared hosting plan priced at $3.96 per month is now available at 25% discount. The following are provided for admin control panel:most recent WHM Control Panel with Multi-lingual option, Monitor Server position, Limit packages, specific disk space and bandwidth, email, databases , Complete Control: Modification of password, DNS, Creation of accounts / cancellation,Brand able customer Panel has an option for your company logo. Host Gator provides an uptime of 99.99%for the corporate website.

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Host Monster – Key to Success

Webhosting plays a vital role in today’s internet due to the increase of websites being created every day. One tends to look for the features offered by the hosting companies, user reviews, services over the past years and more importantly price. Users have to be satisfied by the services provided so that the companies receive positive feedback. Many companies fall under this category and host monster web hosting is one among them.

Introduction of the company

They were established in the year 1996, when a large number of hosting companies began to show up. They believe in the motto of high quality services at low prices and deliver their services as such. For efficient service, they use the latest technology in the market today including high end processors, large and efficient storage and proper processing power to fuel the growing needs of the customers. They employ various methods to see the requirements of the users and thus are able to deliver top notch services.

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GreenGeeks web hosting

Many web hosting companies are in existence today because the need for website creation and promotion has become essential in today’s fast growing online community. There companies differ from one another in many aspects. This may be price, benefits or support. Ultimately it is up to the user to choose what is best for them. Most will look for the one which provides maximum benefits at affordable prices. For users opting for a clean hosting, GreenGeeks would be an ideal choice.

Company information

They were established over a decade ago when website creation took a boost along with the use of internet. They have grown ever since and today they boast to be the number one company in the world that makes use of wind energy for functioning. Their services excel in every aspect. The hardware they use for hosting are of the best that is available today. They use efficient network providers and state of the art software programs, all of this at cheap prices. They have an innovative website which provides details about their benefits and features, so that customers can know much about them without any effort.

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Godaddy Web Hosting

Godaddy has been in the market for many years and are good in any activities related to website. Here you can start from scratch like choosing the domain name, designing you own website, launching it to the production and getting more traffic. The packages provided from them are very good especially for small business. They provide dedicated services, virtual dedicated service and webhosting. If you want to know more about Godaddy Web Hosting the reviews provided from various customers will help to decide whether it is good or bad.

Uptime: The server will be always working ensuring your website to run all the time without any issues. Few people have problem in the uptime but comparatively it is good as far as small scale business is concerned. 4 star rating.

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