Bluehost web hosting – An ideal choice

Webhosting has become popular today. Today websites are needed for multiple purposes like personal blogging, business promotions or even for social interactions. To create a website, one will need to choose a webhosting service. There are many such companies today and choosing among them is quite difficult, all thanks to the wide features offered by them. Among all, Bluehost web hosting is the most popular.

Introduction of the company

The company was started in the year 1996 and hasn’t looked back since then. It was one of the earliest and has survived in today’s competitive world for over a decade. This has made them aware towards the needs of modern customers and provides their services as such. The technology they use for hosting is of top notch. Industry leading servers with quad core processors are used for large hosting’s and high traffic controls. Thus most people who want to create a large community websites choose their services. They use Linux operating system for hosting needs.

Features and packages offered

The connections per second greatly affect the hosting today. Bluehost provide maximum uptime for websites that are created under them, thus able to handle massive traffic. They are known to provide extra security for the hosted files by proving backups mirrored through another server. Suitable generators for backup purposes are used in times of crises. On top of this, the websites are governed 24 hours a day by their employees so that they are able to detect any bugs and problems that may arise. The connection bandwidth offered by them is a 2GB one which is quite massive. The prices for these services are very affordable. To simplify the plan choosing, they have combined all the features into a single package. This costs just 7 dollars with a disk space of one and half terabytes and a thousand five hundred GB bandwidth. Another plus feature of Bluehost is that the customers are able to create multiple sub domains and domains under one simple account. This helps in easy management in case the customer has many websites under his name.

Uptime and C-Panel

Bluehost uses today’s industry standard control panel called the C-panel. This eases configuration and navigation within the hosting account. Based on the customer’s needs, a number of packages can also be installed. A tool called fantastic is provided by them for content management, forums and blogs. Language like Python and PHP5 are available for advanced users. Their uptime is very good with 99.9%. This is a huge bonus along with all the above tools and features. Tests on Bluehost were conducted and it was shown that there is very low downtime value, which adds to its reputation.

Rating and User opinions

Bluehost webhosting is undoubtedly the leader in webhosting. Their use of high tech devices to attain maximum performance is known worldwide. Their huge space, high bandwidth, good uptime and decent customer support have attracted many users. Taking into account all the features and the number of users choosing their services every day, i would rate them a complete 5.

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