Dreamhost web hosting

What is shared hosting? When people say web hosting most of the people mean shared web hosting. It means many customers’ website stands for single web server, and the server’s CPU and RAM are shared along with each customer’s account on the machine. Customer who does not want the performance of dedicated server or the flexibility of virtual private server can get very much profit from what shared hosing id offering.

Who uses shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a perfect way out for bloggers, e-commerce stores, and small business and web designers. There are lots of benefits in shared hosting.as for small business there is no need more effective web hosting this is the preferred web hosting which is economical and he better as per the experts. This will suit all kind of business.

Features and packages

First being is it is user friendly, users can easily handle their account from web server. Second is being it has limitless possibilities like it gives website storage, email domains, hosted domains, limitless data transfer bandwidth and much more. Third is being it made blogging easy because their 1 click software installer can automatically configure and install a new word press blog within a minute? Fourth is being it has advanced functionality like you can write your own web applications in many code languages and can also write in PHP 5, RUBY, RAILS, PERL, PYTHON and many more. Fifth is being it gives satisfaction for guaranteed because it is a committed to users satisfaction and they also give 97 day money back guarantee for every account. Sixth one is Enterprise-Level Reliability: dream host technical support representatives will be available 24×7 via live chat and email. They will take uptime seriously.

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Cheap Web hosting solutions by Fat Cow

Web hosting industry has been in existence ever since the Internet has blessed its existence on the face of the earth. The many web hosting industries and establishments that have been providing web hosting services for its clients and customers. One such web hosting industry is a fat cow web hosting establishment that has satisfactorily gained the hearts of many customers and clients with their excellent services and features.

Introduction of the company

Fat cow web hosting services is an online web hosting service that has been in existence since the 1998. They have been the forerunners in providing hosting solutions for many personal and business websites for more than a decade. Being the forerunner in providing web hosting solutions for over a decade, they have learnt the tricks of the trade and also the mentality of the customers and have achieved in providing suitable packages and features for their clients.

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Bluehost web hosting – An ideal choice

Webhosting has become popular today. Today websites are needed for multiple purposes like personal blogging, business promotions or even for social interactions. To create a website, one will need to choose a webhosting service. There are many such companies today and choosing among them is quite difficult, all thanks to the wide features offered by them. Among all, Bluehost web hosting is the most popular.

Introduction of the company

The company was started in the year 1996 and hasn’t looked back since then. It was one of the earliest and has survived in today’s competitive world for over a decade. This has made them aware towards the needs of modern customers and provides their services as such. The technology they use for hosting is of top notch. Industry leading servers with quad core processors are used for large hosting’s and high traffic controls. Thus most people who want to create a large community websites choose their services. They use Linux operating system for hosting needs.

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AwardSpace Web Hosting

AWARDSPACE.COM, a leading hosting business company has the extensive background earned from its mother companies Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd. and Attract Soft GmbH. Attract Soft GmbH is a German company which has been ruling the industry of software out sourcing and software development. Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd Founded in year 2002 is a prime web hosting platforms Expansion Company. It provides a complete set of professional web hosting services customer support, vps (virtual private servers) hosting, design and domain registration.

Services Overview

AWARDSPACE.COM has various services which include: Shared Web Hosting (both Free and Paid), Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting, Domain Name Registrations and Domain Name Transfers and SSL Certificates (in alliancewith most trusted SSL providers).Since 2005 it has been offering a limited featured free php web hosting service as a courtesy policy and to makethe customer’s base bigger. Awardspace Company is proud that they are associated and marked as an established company in the Web Hosting industry.

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1and1 Web Hosting

1and1 Web Hosting was started in the year 1997 in the month of September. They have been providing good services for all the customers throughout the world and today they have more than 6 million customers all over the world. Today there are many web hosting companies in the market and it is very difficult to have such a huge customer’s pool today. Their quality service and support has provided them with such a huge response from the customers. If you are planning to go for any web hosting company to base your business then the review and the packages provided by them will be described below will let you decide whether to go for this service or choose the other.

Cost: The cost of service provided by them is really very cheap. They provide the customers very good offers for long term usage. There are lots of hidden offers provided by them and it is very suitable for all sorts of customers. The cost of the service provided by them is suitable for all kind of business. They provide good bandwidth which is suitable for personal web host and also for any marketing business. You can sign up for their service for $20 and you can extend the service later on day by day. But there are few hidden offers which are not suitable for all kind of business. So please be careful and read all the terms and conditions of their services before signing up. 4 star rating.

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