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Web hosting industry has been in existence ever since the Internet has blessed its existence on the face of the earth. The many web hosting industries and establishments that have been providing web hosting services for its clients and customers. One such web hosting industry is a fat cow web hosting establishment that has satisfactorily gained the hearts of many customers and clients with their excellent services and features.

Introduction of the company

Fat cow web hosting services is an online web hosting service that has been in existence since the 1998. They have been the forerunners in providing hosting solutions for many personal and business websites for more than a decade. Being the forerunner in providing web hosting solutions for over a decade, they have learnt the tricks of the trade and also the mentality of the customers and have achieved in providing suitable packages and features for their clients.

Features and packages

Fat cow provides the fastest download and upload connections to their clients. It also has the most reliable data transfer capacity and also maintains a backup of the daily data in the event if any data of the client is lost. Fat cow also maintains a feature known as on the clock maintenance and monitoring system. This is to ensure that its clients benefit from its servers and infrastructure’s peak performance and the juice this performance through 24 hours a day. Fat cow also offers very attractive and affordable packages that provide their clients with unlimited disk space attract a bandwidth and also an add-on domain. Maybe this does not appeal many because almost all hosting solutions provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space nowadays but the catch here is fat cow hosting solutions provide 12 month subscription for a meagre $ 44 only. The price tag here is so low that even the industry leaders can’t quite compete with their prices.

C-Panel and uptime

Fat cow, is known to use a control panel made custom for their benefits by 4 sites Internet. Though many companies are known to use the standard C panel for the control applications of the websites fat cow is known to use a custom application but it is quite easy to understand and learn and provides their clients with a easy way to tweak and manage the website and also take a look at the traffic the websites handling. Fat cow also has a high uptime rating that exceeds 95%. This high uptime rating is quite common among many hosting solutions but they also have a very good customer care approach that deals with their clients queries and confusions throughout the year and round-the-clock.

Rating and user opinions

Fat cow is definitely one of the simplest yet sophisticated webhosting solution providers. They have the most beneficial features for a price that is so easy on the pocket. Thus they definitely have a rating of 4.5 on a scale of five. User opinions also indicate that Fat cow is one of the most prominently used web hosting solution worldwide.

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