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Webhosting plays a vital role in today’s internet due to the increase of websites being created every day. One tends to look for the features offered by the hosting companies, user reviews, services over the past years and more importantly price. Users have to be satisfied by the services provided so that the companies receive positive feedback. Many companies fall under this category and host monster web hosting is one among them.

Introduction of the company

They were established in the year 1996, when a large number of hosting companies began to show up. They believe in the motto of high quality services at low prices and deliver their services as such. For efficient service, they use the latest technology in the market today including high end processors, large and efficient storage and proper processing power to fuel the growing needs of the customers. They employ various methods to see the requirements of the users and thus are able to deliver top notch services.

Features and Packages

One of the main features a user will look into while choosing a hosting plan is the price and services provided. Host monster excels in this aspect. Their basic package starts at 6 dollars a month. This is relatively cheaper for any web hosting service. But just because the price is low doesn’t mean the quality is low too. Their transfer rate exceeds over 3000 GB with around 300 GB of storage space. On top of that, every account holder is allowed to create multiple domains under a single name for easy access and convenience purposes. The price also covers submission for search engines, FTP and SSL access; POP Email ID’s and a lifetime domain name. Security measures are also good in this hosting company. Backups are provided in times of crisis and data losses. They even provide credits for PPC in Yahoo and Google, thus allowing the customers to cover up the server fee for a few months. The equipment’s are of high end and customer support is top notch. This makes them one of the most sought after today.

C-Panel and uptime

The company acclaimed uptime is 99.9 percent, which makes them very reliable. Even though the practical uptime is found to be 99.5 percent, it is still a very good figure. The setup time is very fast and one can avail the domain almost instantly. For ease of access and extra features, the award winning control panel called the C-Panel is implemented by Host monster. The service also supports multiple languages like MySQL, Perl, and CGI and even offers SSL protection. The customer support is very well known with almost 24/7 availability. Issues such as billing, service and even information can be provided there. They have a separate phone line and office for further inquiries.

User opinions and rating

There are several positive feedbacks regarding Host monster web hosting, all thanks to their services, price and decent customer support. Users have found it to be relatively cheap and effective. In my opinion, they should be given 4 out of 5 stars.

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