1and1 Web Hosting

1and1 Web Hosting was started in the year 1997 in the month of September. They have been providing good services for all the customers throughout the world and today they have more than 6 million customers all over the world. Today there are many web hosting companies in the market and it is very difficult to have such a huge customer’s pool today. Their quality service and support has provided them with such a huge response from the customers. If you are planning to go for any web hosting company to base your business then the review and the packages provided by them will be described below will let you decide whether to go for this service or choose the other.

Cost: The cost of service provided by them is really very cheap. They provide the customers very good offers for long term usage. There are lots of hidden offers provided by them and it is very suitable for all sorts of customers. The cost of the service provided by them is suitable for all kind of business. They provide good bandwidth which is suitable for personal web host and also for any marketing business. You can sign up for their service for $20 and you can extend the service later on day by day. But there are few hidden offers which are not suitable for all kind of business. So please be careful and read all the terms and conditions of their services before signing up. 4 star rating.

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