AwardSpace Web Hosting

AWARDSPACE.COM, a leading hosting business company has the extensive background earned from its mother companies Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd. and Attract Soft GmbH. Attract Soft GmbH is a German company which has been ruling the industry of software out sourcing and software development. Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd Founded in year 2002 is a prime web hosting platforms Expansion Company. It provides a complete set of professional web hosting services customer support, vps (virtual private servers) hosting, design and domain registration.

Services Overview

AWARDSPACE.COM has various services which include: Shared Web Hosting (both Free and Paid), Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting, Domain Name Registrations and Domain Name Transfers and SSL Certificates (in alliancewith most trusted SSL providers).Since 2005 it has been offering a limited featured free php web hosting service as a courtesy policy and to makethe customer’s base bigger. Awardspace Company is proud that they are associated and marked as an established company in the Web Hosting industry.

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